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Community Ink is a queer, collectively run tattoo studio based in Attawandaron, Anishnaabe, Lenape, Haudenosaunee territories in Deshkan-ziibing/Antler River watershed in so-called London, Ontario, Canada. 

We operate as autonomous artists that support each other as people and artists who share decisions and responsibilities about our collective space. The fundamental thing that brings us together is our commitment to transforming tattoo culture into a supportive, consensual, trauma-informed, vibrant experience where all people feel listened to, respected and beautiful. We have a dedication to maintaining a safe(r) and inclusive space, where we embrace and tattoo ALL people and all bodies with absolute love, respect, and care. We show the fuck up for each other. We care for each other, our clients, our guests, our neighbours and the community in a culture of mutual support, transparency, accountability and consent.


Have a suggestion or request for a tattoo fundraiser? Email us at

For more info about each artist, and to book, please visit their pages.

We all generally work by appointment only, but please follow our social media pages for updates on flash days and fundraisers!


Would you like to be a guest artist at our space, and you resonate with our values? We would love to have you! Please contact us!


And, remember kids, Fuck the police.

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